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            China reproduces the "Bicycle Kingdom"

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            China reproduces the "Bicycle Kingdom"

            Release date:2017-10-30 Author:admin Click:

            China reproduces the "Bicycle Kingdom"

            Source: Qilu Net

            In the 1960s and 1970s, everyone in China was proud of owning a bicycle. By 1993, there were 197 bicycles per 100 households in China, and the “Bicycle Kingdom” was named. However, with the improvement of social living standards, motorcycles, electric cars, and cars have risen, and the number of bicycles in China has turned sharply. More than a year ago, shared bicycles quietly appeared on the streets of Chinese cities. At that time, people did not realize that sharing bicycles brought back the once "bicycle kingdom", but in a new attitude, bicycles began to change from home. Share it for everyone.

            Older people have experience. Bicycles used to be one of the "three big pieces" of Chinese families, especially in many rural areas. They are also the "standard" for newly-married families. In order to make bicycles often used, there are many families. Not only does it seem that the baby rarely borrows, but also buys the whole roll of tape to wrap the car bar tightly and tightly. If the young man goes out and rides the brand new "Phoenix" two-bar, there is almost no difference between driving a luxury car and driving today. . When it comes to geometry, the morning and evening peaks formed by bicycles are not only a special landscape of Chinese cities, but also become the world's "bike kingdom". At the same time, the torrent of bicycles is more inexhaustible, and it is beyond doubt. Today's brilliant achievements. The improvement of the living standards of the people and the masses is the result of the joint efforts of hundreds of millions of bicycles.

            Obviously, the re-emergence of the "Bicycle Kingdom" today is no longer the same as the "Bicycle Kingdom" more than 30 years ago. The "biking kingdom" of the East in the last century was the starting point for the reform and struggle process from poverty. It was the Chinese people who have gone through the vicissitudes of life to catch up with the world. Nowadays, bicycles are not only the main means of transportation in that era. It also entrusts the Chinese people's great dream of revitalizing China. There are some inferiority and more sorrowful and sorrowful feelings. Workers ride bicycles to and from work, farmers ride bicycles to the fields, cadres ride bicycles and walk in villages. People ride bicycles to chase all possible development dreams. It is the "kingdom" of bicycles and the society carried by bicycles. .

            In just a few years, people soon discovered that there were fewer and fewer bicycles on urban streets and country roads. Instead, motorcycles became the protagonists. For a time, motorcycles became the new "three big pieces" for urban and rural families. one. However, the "protagonist" of motorcycles as a means of transportation has not yet gained momentum. Private cars have quickly entered the homes of ordinary people in an unstoppable development. They were once regarded as a distant dream of private cars, not only soon becoming a reality, but even More than people think, "the car is full of trouble", people are not only proud of owning a private car, but rather "no brains" for nowhere parking and road congestion, especially with changes in people's development philosophy and life concept, The demand for green and healthy travel is getting stronger and stronger. It is almost a moment when the shared bicycle is born. He not only solves the "last mile" problem of people traveling by car, but also satisfies people's requirements for healthy and environmental protection travel, and makes China renewed. Reproduce the era of "Bicycle Kingdom".

            Public reports show that as of July 2017, the national shared bicycle companies have accumulated more than 16 million vehicles, with more than 130 million registered people and more than 1.5 billion passengers. Only Mobike has provided more than 500 days of shared bicycle service to 180 cities around the world. The accumulated mileage of users has exceeded 5.6 billion kilometers, equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 1.26 million tons and carbon emissions of 350,000 cars a year. The health effects of shared bicycles for modern cities are harder to measure by numbers.

            Re-creating the "Bicycle Kingdom", we have made the world look at each other. Once we walked and biked to pursue the dream of a car, now we are driving a bicycle and taking a new attitude to lead the world to pursue a broader development of green health. Space, to the responsibility of the big country that protects the global environment, to reproduce the "biking kingdom", we are more passionate; re-creating the "biking kingdom" is even more exciting in China.

            This article URL:http://www.redefinesummit.com/en/news/349.html

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